Composer and visual artist mainly orientated to avant-garde, experimental and electroacoustic music. With the aim of compiling sonic substance and creating new devices from old industrial machines and recycled scrap, he spent several years living into an abandoned factory reconditioned as a sound laboratory. Besides those indoor quests he use to travel around the world documenting sonic and visual material. Researching synthesis methods to combine with all that stuff, his music not only describes pictures, it will transport you to a sort of surreal scenarios, images that are quite difficult to define. Argentine, Austria.

  Fantosh Flak    

Experimental, electro-acoustic avant-garde music project by Beto Machado, musician, composer, producer, sound artist and sound investigator. Odd synthesized components take part in his work, creating imaginary atmospheres, ambients and soundscapes with different moods, feels, rhythms and textures morphing shapes and contrasts, all those elements are produced using analog modules, field recordings and some other digital mystery machines. These four pieces he is releasing as an EP represent part of his experiments in a quest for new sound endeavour, during his stay in Den Haag, Netherlands, studying Sonology at The Royal Conservatory in 2013/14. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


I'm Aare. I've been active in music in the early 90-s. After the 24-25 year silence I decided to came out of the closet and create new sounds. I create sounds what are waiting and demanding the creation.



From Santa Cruz, California, Michelle Eris began R'lyeh in 2011 to synthesize the sounds and sonic chaos described in the works of Cosmic Horror author HP Lovecraft and others. R'lyeh creates compositions from a variety of perspectives in a spectrum from ambient to harsh, minimal to chaotic. Her musical history spans two decades rooted in death metal, grindcore, electronic, noise, punk and EDM; filtered through hallucinogenic journeys, sonic entropy and introspective discovery.


Madelene is a swede with Syrian roots.

Through her art and music she seeks to uncover the depths of what lies within in order to give oneself the time to acknowledge all the feelings coming into the light of awareness. Her main inspiration is drawn from the raw emotional power of people that dare to release their frustration and anger. Those two elements are the two driving forces in her life.

  Empty Inkwell    

Here you will find the music of a solo artist whose only rule is never to use a digital sound. All frequencies are given equal liberty. Rhythms are allowed to do as they please. The concepts of "in meter" and "out of key" are laughable. Kyle Browning is a self taught musician, artist, and writer, focusing on nonrationality and the edge of the liminal. He seeks the countless epics in the rush of cars on highways, the unending fables sung by fluorescent lights, faintly blinking binary, the masterpieces written in the crumbling of concrete. Cover your eyes and look into the night where cast streams wil scrims in the bright of the night, Antibabyl antebibal, postsecrections post secret postes creations. And ald tongues be forgot. Ne'er a word bespoken dribble tongs. There be dreeddroms and freed rums and free runs and three guns. You thrice great one. Ne er a word be spoken, for yull only plague your eyes, plague your eyes, ere a word be stollen, save the first that spake, and if thar ever war, a bubble of allifaint words, is only simulike a crumb, that tumbles thumb a giants plate. Fie feye foe.


Venezuelan composer, 1980. He began his musical studies playing double bass in the Young Orchestra of Trujillo, after he was a member of the Schola Cantorum of Caracas (2000-2001). He studied piano at “Simón Bolívar” Conservatory of Music (2001-2002), where he taught music theory (2001-2003). He was a directive member of the Venezuelan Association of Contemporary Music (2005 - 2007). His works has been performed for important ensembles: Descendent colors by A Tempo Ensemble (France), Retrospective Spiral by Opera Nova Ensemble (Switzerland), his Concertino for Orchestra by the Symphonic Orchestras of Falcón, Lara and Carabobo State, his String Quartet Nº 1 by Friedman String Quartet (Venezuela) and by Zagreb String Quartet (Croacia).

In 2004 he was graduated in Latin-American Composition Committee. In the same year he was selected to take part of the "International Young Composers Encounter" INJUVE 2004 (Spain). He has been selected in two opportunities: World Music Days 2005 (Croatia) and World Music Days 2007 (Hong Kong). In 2005 he received a Second Prize in the composition competition “II Salón Nacional de Jóvenes Compositores” in Venezuela for his “String Quartet Nº 2 Syncretic Skin”; also, this same work was performered in Tokio (2007) in a concert programmed for the Japan Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM Japanese Section).

  Jukka-Pekka Kervinen    

JPK is a Finnish composer, writer and visual artists. His works are mostly based on various algorithmic processes, glitch, raw data and experimental procedures of any kind of (meta)physical and imaginary state spaces.

  Tantric Doctors    

Born 6459. Pianist, Synth Programmer, Reeds, Guitars, Percussion, Composer, Sound Designer, Electro Acoustic Experimenter and Free Improvisor. Currently performing with Mick Beck, John Jasnoch and Charlie Collins. Led seminal experimental group the almighty toad with electroacoustic composer and cellist Thomas Gardner, Pianist and Reeds with Adolf Bidet and his Bosch Wash. Collaborator with underground hip hop collective led by Kenneth Marx and Novoray