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Demo policy
Demos are welcome but before send your music please read this guidance:

First of all note that as a music label we are focused arround a bunch of genres such as avant-garde, experimental, electroacoustic, acousmatic, contemporary classical, sound art, soundscape, noise, music concrete, dark ambient and abstract electronic. We don't use to release tracks with conventional beats and tonal references, there is a lot of outstanding music with great beats and melodies out there, our aim is to spread innovative music forms..

To have a first listening we encourage to send a soundcloud link or any similar. To send your demo use a file hosting service such as Sendspace or Wetransfer. EPs and albums are welcome. Do not attach mp3 files to your email message please.

We listen to all the received material but we release the ones we really like. If you don't hear anything from us it doesn't mean your music isn't good enought.

If you think it can fit submit your stuff to contact(a)dientedesierra(dot)net

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